Check Your Ego

I received an email today from Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals telling me that I have qualified for a 2015 membership to the Who’s Who Network of Executives and Professionals.

Below is screenshot of their email to me.

Capture 3

Flattering right?

I mean who doesn’t want to be in what seems to be an “elite” group of executives and professionals.

As I read through the email, some of what was mentioned here concerns me:

  1. This so called Network of Executives and Professionals is based in the United States. Although all of my clients who hire Virtual Assistants through me is from Canada and the United States, I am based in the Philippines so this so called network is not relevant to me.
  2. What was the criteria for choosing the Who’s Who? How did they pick me? I never got any email from them until today.
  3. At the bottom of this email it says that I need to submit a form within five days and that no fee will be asked from me. Hmmm? No fee? Tempting. But then again, nothing is free in this world. What’s the catch?

I then asked my Virtual Assistant to do some research for me about this so called “prestigious organization”.  I know that, as a busy businessman, I do not have time to do this tedious task and that my time is better spent on what I do best.  However, I still feel that it is important for me to find out some information about this.

I’m glad my Virtual Assistant can help.

She then sent me a screenshot of the results on Google search.

Capture 4

Just as  I thought, this is a scam.  This is an organization who just wanted my money.

Then again I thought, why would they do this?

The answer is ego.  Businessmen like us sometimes feed on ego.  Anything that would make us feel good about ourselves and make us feel important would excite us.

This is why this organization is surviving and getting a lot of money from those people who are ego driven.

Always remember, we don’t need anyone to tell us that we are great.  We don’t need anyone to enlist us in an “elite” group just to feel important.  What matters most is the lives that we touch because of what we do as businessmen.

Are you making a positive difference in other’s life today?

Check your ego.

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