Our Virtual Assistant Did An Awesome Transcription Job

It’s hard not to brag when clients are happy with the results our Virtual Assistants are giving them.

In this case, this client was referred by another satisfied client who was also referred by another satisfied client.

hire virtual assistant for transcription job


The key to our success is a constant and open line of communication both with the client and the Virtual Assistant.

We make sure that the client’s expectations will meet the capability of the Virtual Assistant.  We also will not promise something that we feel we can’t do because business integrity is still the best way to go.

Why are we able to give quality service?  Simply because we have failed in the past but we did our best to learn from those mistakes.  I will admit, we had some unsatisfied clients and, although we always say that you can’t satisfy them all, we are still committed to customer satisfaction.

Below is the client’s email after we have delivered the project:

hire virtual assistant for transcription job

Outsourced-VA is committed to giving you the best service possible.  We may not be perfect but at least we know that we are on our way to perfection.

If you need a Virtual Assistant, contact us and let’s see if this is something that can help you and your business.


Published by Outsourced VA

Outsourced-VA is an expansion of 19:20 Business Solutions and has been in the Virtual Assistant business since 2009. Our main objective is to add value to our existing clients and their businesses. We don’t work as a contractor, rather, we work as a partner. We don’t work for you but we work with you. We do our best to add LEVERAGE to your business and help you bring it to the next level.

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