Can Your Virtual Assistant from the Philippines Replace a Smart Phone?

virtual assistant vs smart phoneI have always thought that technology will make people’s life better. I thought that it will make our work faster and better. But, although technology has helped us a lot in many ways, it has also taken efficiency out of effectivity.

There was a time when making appointments are taken seriously.  There was no text messages before so that if you say you will be there at 5pm then you have to be there at least 15 minutes before time.  Nowadays it’s just so easy to send a text message and say, “I’m stuck in traffic.  I will be late”.

When I bought a smart phone, I was hoping that it will make my life easier.  Well, it did in some case but not everything.  I can’t rely on it to do research for me when I need to.  If I need to send a short email to a client or if I need to check my emails, my smart phone can’t do it.  When I need to organize my trip, all my smart phone can do is search for hotels, etc. but it can never organize my trips.

Let’s be honest, a smart phone cannot replace a real person’s intellect and common sense.

There are many things a Virtual Assistant can do better than a smart phone:

  • A virtual assistant can manage your calendar better than a smart phone
  • A virtual assistant can decide which of your emails need more attention or is important
  • A virtual assistant cannot reply back to your clients like it was you sending the email.  A smart phone can’t do that.
  • A virtual assistant can book flights and hotels for you…well, a smart phone cannot do that.

These are just examples that a VA can do better than a smart phone.

So can a Virtual Assistant replace your smart phone?  Of course yes!

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