Super Mommy, Super Virtual Assistant!

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I know this is probably too late for Mothers’ Day but I just feel that I need to post this.

Did you know that every time you hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines you are actually helping mothers who need income but doesn’t want to leave home so they can take care of their kids? Yes, you are.

There are actually a lot of talented women out there who are as efficient as those who are working in an office. All they need is an opportunity to be able to show their potential without leaving their kids.

I know what you are thinking. How can they concentrate when they are taking care of their children?

Well, first of all the Philippines has opposite times with the client who are based in the US or Canada. So when it’s office hours for the client then it’s already night time in the Philippines. This means that the Virtual Assistant is able to focus on work since their children are all asleep at these hours. By the time they finish their work with the client, it’s already time to take care of breakfast and get the kids ready for school. When the children leave for school then the Virtual Assistant can now rest and sleep.

This is the cycle for Virtual Assistants who are mothers. How do I know this? Well, because me and my wife have done the same thing a few years back when we started in this industry. And I can tell you that Virtual Assistants with children are more productive and focused.

So next time you consider hiring a Virtual Assistant, consider hiring through Outsourced-VA. We will make sure that the help is mutual.

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