Who we are

Outsourced-VA has been in the Virtual Assistant business since 2009. Our main objective is to add value to our existing clients and their businesses. We don’t work as a contractor, rather, we work as a partner. We don’t work for you but we work with you. We do our best to add LEVERAGE to your business and help you bring it to the next level.

We are in the business of making an impact on the productivity of businessmen and companies. We offer Virtual Assistant Services who are highly skilled professionals and working remotely who can provide administrative, and creative support for a client’s business whether it is big or growing. Through a Virtual Assistant, a businessman can delegate tedious admin task so he can focus more on income generating activities or a company who wants to outsource admin task so they can cut on operation costs.

Our goal is to help businessmen and companies based in the USA and Canada to minimize their operating costs without compromising the quality of results. We want start-up businessmen to focus on what they do best and leave the tedious work to us. We want established businessmen to have more time on income generating activities so they can grow bigger. We want companies to thrive by providing quality remote staff.

darren“The rich spend MONEY to save TIME.The poor spend TIME to save MONEY. Now would be a great time to hire one or more virtual assistants to take care of your procrastination and indecisive lists so you can focus on revenue generating activities for your business which will then create the quality of life you are dreaming about. Then you can enjoy more time/freedom with your family and friends doing the things you love to do all while having fun doing them.

This is the right choice I made. I hope you choose the same freedom.”

Darren Jacklin
Present Elite Status Client
World-Class Professional Speaker,
Corporate Trainer, Angel Investor