Virtual Assistant To The Rescue

We have to accept the fact that no businessman is a Superman! So having an additional hand to help you on the basics can really help you develop your organizations.

Employing a virtual assistant comes convenient given their extensive variety of expertise up their sleeves.

Virtual Assistants are not just helpful but also Continue reading “Virtual Assistant To The Rescue”

What’s the Difference Between a Managed Virtual Assistant and a Freelancer?

I have been asked many times by potential clients these question:  What is the difference when I hire a Virtual Assistant from your Company compared to hiring a freelancer?

The truth is, you can always go to Facebook and search for groups where all the freelancing Virtual Assistants are.  In fact, you might even hire someone for a rate lower than ours; they can even be as good as our home-based workers.   Continue reading “What’s the Difference Between a Managed Virtual Assistant and a Freelancer?”

3 Things You Need To Put Your Virtual Personal Assistant Into Action

Very often a lot of entrepreneurs think that they only need to hire a Virtual Assistant and their business will change instantaneously. In most cases, they believe that they will have a lot of accomplishments with very small time and effort on their part.

The problem is that when they get started they soon realize that there has to be some effort coming from them. With this they immediately become disappointed and they decide to stop the service.  Continue reading “3 Things You Need To Put Your Virtual Personal Assistant Into Action”

Ways To Use A Virtual Assistant To Your Advantage

If there is anything more important to a businessman like you, it will be time and money.  So the question is, how well are you using your time and money so you can have more time and more money?

For many years now, I have seen how our Virtual Assistant Service has helped start up businesses, businessmen, realtors, and even established companies.  It’s just a matter of knowing where to hire a good Virtual Assistant and how to effectively use them to your advantage. Continue reading “Ways To Use A Virtual Assistant To Your Advantage”