Working From Home Because of COVID-19?

For someone already working as a Virtual Assistant, working from home would be a breeze. However, for those who are forced to work from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be a challenge.

First of all, you have to know that working from an office and working from home is way too different.

In my many years of experience in this industry, I have learned that many people think that those working from home as a Virtual Assistant are having the time of their life. Even though they may have more flexibility, it takes so much self-discipline to be able to work efficiently from home.  Continue reading “Working From Home Because of COVID-19?”

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant As Part of Your Business Growth Plan

If you are a startup or even an established business, you have probably already created a business plan.  That is really good! However, some businesses fail to create a growth plan which makes them plateau in their undertaking.  

One of the reasons why businessmen experience plateau is because they are spending more time juggling day-to-day tasks to keep their business afloat and fail to focus on income-generating activities.  As much as we want to be in control of our day-to-day operations, doing those tedious tasks are just overwhelming and keeps you from soaring because you are still engaged in even the smallest thing in your business. Continue reading “Why Hire A Virtual Assistant As Part of Your Business Growth Plan”

How To Use Your Virtual Assistant To Help You Create Your Growth Plan

As the saying goes, “If you are not planning, then you are planning to fail”.  Making plans in all aspects of life is very crucial to success.  In business, the key to thriving is in planning.

Not one successful business failed to plan for their growth. This is a very important process for every thriving company.  To ensure that a business continues to meet its client’s needs, it should make sure to review their previous performance, their current approaches, and see how it may affect them in the future. Continue reading “How To Use Your Virtual Assistant To Help You Create Your Growth Plan”

Surviving the Virtual Assistant Loneliness

Working from home as a Virtual Assistant can be a dream job to some. Since I have started in this industry in 2009, I have seen the rise of people wanting to be able to earn the same pay but with the convenience of working from home. Imagine not having to commute for hours instead use those hours as extra time to sleep or do what you need to do for yourself. It is indeed a dream job.

However, working from home can also be lonely. Continue reading “Surviving the Virtual Assistant Loneliness”

How To Manage Your Virtual Assistant Virtually

She called in sick the 1st day, late on her 2nd day and on her 3rd day, she had to be fired. These scenarios are what we don’t want to happen when we hire our own virtual assistant. Our expectations are high after hearing all the wonderful things about working with virtual assistants. The question is, how do we really manage our Virtual Assistant virtually? There would probably be millions of ways on how to manage VAs, here are the basic and popular ones.  Continue reading “How To Manage Your Virtual Assistant Virtually”

I Hired a Virtual Assistant and It’s Not Working! Part 1

I’m sure many of you have hired a Virtual Assistant in the past and it did not work for you.  That does not always mean that Virtual Assistant Services does not work.  Sometimes it’s just because some clients just don’t know how to use their VA effectively.

To be honest, we also had some clients who were, either not satisfied with our service or they just don’t have anything for their VA to do.  This is very frustrating for us because our main goal is to add value to businesses and make their business life easier.  When the client does not feel that we are adding value to their business, we are very much disappointed with ourselves.  Continue reading “I Hired a Virtual Assistant and It’s Not Working! Part 1”

delegate task virtual assistant

Why Every Businessman Should Delegate

Every good businessman knows that the only way for them to grow their business is through delegation. Delegating your task is something that you owe to yourself and to your organization.

How many of you have ever felt that there is so little time in a day yet too many things to do? Many businessmen are so used to working things on their own that they find it hard to even start assigning tedious task to an assistant. And even if we know that delegation is the right thing to do, we find it hard to identify what task to delegate and how we can delegate it and make sure that the work is done efficiently. It’s a dilemma. Continue reading “Why Every Businessman Should Delegate”

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT WOES: How To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Working from home as a Virtual Assistant is now a thing.  I remember when I started as a Virtual Assistant myself back in 2008, working from home was bizarre to most people I know.  It was something that seems to be impossible and hard to understand.  None of my friends know how it works and what benefits it gives.

Fast forward, nowadays, many people are enjoying the perks of working from home.  I mean, the fact that you don’t need to hurry up and commute to work is already a big advantage.  Add to that the benefit of being able to spend more time with your family, working from home is heaven to many. Continue reading “VIRTUAL ASSISTANT WOES: How To Stay Healthy While Working From Home”

Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is The Best Decision You Can Make For Your Business

A virtual assistant (VA) is a great tool that provides rescue to businesses, especially startups and small businesses attempting to level up in their game.

You need more help because your business is growing! Don’t allow it to grow too wild and out of control before hiring a virtual assistant. It needs an opportunity to build a relationship with your assistant. Don’t hold back until you’re struggling to maintain your mind above water—at that point, it’s already too late. When you add something else to your plate (like training a VA), you are setting that relationship up for failure.   Continue reading “Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is The Best Decision You Can Make For Your Business”

The Power of Social Media in Business

Nowadays, the world is already virtually connected.  We are close to each other and are able to communicate fast because of online platforms.  Social media is one of that platform which also plays a big role in people’s lives.  Because of this, it is important that businesses understand the importance and the power of social media in their business.   Continue reading “The Power of Social Media in Business”