Can Your Virtual Assistant from the Philippines Replace a Smart Phone?

I have always thought that technology will make people’s life better. I thought that it will make our work faster and better. But, although technology has helped us a lot in many ways, it has also taken efficiency out of effectivity. There was a time when making appointments are taken seriously.  There was no textContinue reading “Can Your Virtual Assistant from the Philippines Replace a Smart Phone?”

Our Virtual Assistant Did An Awesome Transcription Job

It’s hard not to brag when clients are happy with the results our Virtual Assistants are giving them. In this case, this client was referred by another satisfied client who was also referred by another satisfied client.   The key to our success is a constant and open line of communication both with the clientContinue reading “Our Virtual Assistant Did An Awesome Transcription Job”

Check Your Ego

I received an email today from Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals telling me that I have qualified for a 2015 membership to the Who’s Who Network of Executives and Professionals. Below is screenshot of their email to me. Flattering right?

How A Virtual Assistant Helped Me Save My Business

As a businessman I have always been a great believer of the system “less expense, more income”. I believe that I can generate more income if I spend less money for my business and just focus more on bringing money in. Well, that was not the case.  As I get more clients, work just keepsContinue reading “How A Virtual Assistant Helped Me Save My Business”

Why Would I Need a Virtual Assistant?

I read a story about a boy who asked his grandfather what is the best thing he can give as a gift. His grandfather said TIME. “But why?” the boy asked, “Why can’t you just give something like love?” His grandfather answered, “People can always give love but no one can give time. Time justContinue reading “Why Would I Need a Virtual Assistant?”