Are you ready to find your Virtual Assistant? 

If you are a smart entrepreneur, you will understand that hiring someone who can focus on all your tedious task is the best way to go.  If so, then a Virtual Assistant is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business.  Continue reading “Are you ready to find your Virtual Assistant? “

Virtual Assistant To The Rescue

We have to accept the fact that no businessman is a Superman! So having an additional hand to help you on the basics can really help you develop your organizations.

Employing a virtual assistant comes convenient given their extensive variety of expertise up their sleeves.

Virtual Assistants are not just helpful but also Continue reading “Virtual Assistant To The Rescue”

3 Things You Need To Put Your Virtual Personal Assistant Into Action

Very often a lot of entrepreneurs think that they only need to hire a Virtual Assistant and their business will change instantaneously. In most cases, they believe that they will have a lot of accomplishments with very small time and effort on their part.

The problem is that when they get started they soon realize that there has to be some effort coming from them. With this they immediately become disappointed and they decide to stop the service.  Continue reading “3 Things You Need To Put Your Virtual Personal Assistant Into Action”

Why It’s Easy To Work With A Filipino Virtual Assistant

Most of the potential clients that I talked with would ask me, “Why would we hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines?”  I believe that is a very legit question.  I mean, why would you hire someone from a different culture?  Why would you hire a Virtual Assistant who would take care of your emails, calendars, and daily administrative work from miles away? Continue reading “Why It’s Easy To Work With A Filipino Virtual Assistant”

hire virtual assistant moms

Super Mommy, Super Virtual Assistant!

I know this is probably too late for Mothers’ Day but I just feel that I need to post this.

Did you know that every time you hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines you are actually helping mothers who need income but doesn’t want to leave home so they can take care of their kids? Yes, you are.

Continue reading “Super Mommy, Super Virtual Assistant!”

How A Virtual Assistant Helped Me Save My Business

141112_RET_Rollovers2_drainAs a businessman I have always been a great believer of the system “less expense, more income”. I believe that I can generate more income if I spend less money for my business and just focus more on bringing money in.

Well, that was not the case.  As I get more clients, work just keeps on piling up.  The worst part is that I’ve been bombarded by tedious and repetitive task like monitoring clients’ accounts, creating and sending invoices, answering emails, managing my social media, etc.  I found myself buried in a pile of work that is actually important to keep my business afloat but keeps me from doing what I do best. Continue reading “How A Virtual Assistant Helped Me Save My Business”